Why Youthier

Why pick Youthier? What are the benefits of serums and why personalized cosmetics are one of the biggest trends of the cosmetics industry.
Today, when everything is focused on mass consumption, and the pace of life is getting faster day by day, the confusion between the shelves of cosmetic products is real. We have hundreds of different products available, from extremely cheap creams to sinfully expensive serums. However, they all have something in common. They are all made for mass sale or general use, while we humans are each unique and so is our skin. And it is with this in mind that we have developed Youthier, which is bringing a revolutionary change to the world of cosmetics, doing so with affordable prices.

Why serum?

Although serums should be a staple in daily skin care, many people still don’t know what a serum actually is and what it is for. A serum is a water-based skin care product that contains active ingredients, which because of their small-molecular size penetrate deep into the skin.

Unlike classic moisturizers, the active ingredients in serums easily penetrate the skin, and act on specific skin concerns (wrinkles, acne, dark spots). The structure of our serum allows extremely good absorption deep into the skin, making it a perfect hydrator and problem solver at the same time.

Why personalized cosmetics?

Serums can be composed of many different active ingredients, and each different combination or different amount of an individual ingredient is intended for a specific skin problem. If someone wanted to cover all possible combinations of skin problems on the market, customers would have to choose from thousands of different serum compositions, while also having to be well educated about their skin problems and what ingredients are designed to address them.

Personalized cosmetics are causing a lot of heads to turn, and with a reason. As science and technology progresses it finally allows us to combine capturing data about skin and perfect ingredients to create unique custom products.

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Why Youthier?

Youthier combines the best of both worlds. Presenting a new serum in your daily routine, whose formulation was made exclusively for you. With the help of a short questionnaire and a selfie, we receive all the necessary data, from your skin problems to your environment and then according to that information, we prepare your personal formula. The latter is then used to manufacture your own Youthier serum. At the checkout, you will also have the opportunity to buy the most recommended moisturizer that is ultra compatible with your serum.

All of the science and work that goes into the making of our Youthier serum, is positioned at a fair price. Unlike serums that are mass-produces, where distributors and marketing costs raise prices constantly, you are buying Youthier directly from us. We promise, we will always provide the lowest possible prices and that we will strive to reduce them, but never at the expense of quality.