About Us

Who we are and what do we do? Our story in a few sentences will explain why we mix Youthier serums for you.

Bringing you personalized cosmetics to unlock your unique beauty potential

We set out to solve a “simple” problem: to break through all of the beauty marketing messaging and sky high prices of premium products to find the best performing and best value cosmetics products out there. But, as it became painfully clear, there is no “single best” when it comes to cosmetics and beauty. Because it … depends. It depends on your skin type, demographics, your lifestyle, where you live and so much more. There’s simply no “single best choice” because we’re all so different, and the “single best product” is the one that’s made specifically for you. We also cared about some of the other “basics”:
  • Harmless and as natural products as possible
  • Highest possible quality, but at a mass market price without all the brand and distribution markups
  • Skin care that really really works
  • Grounded in science, not make-belief and marketing mumbo-jumbo
This is how Youthier was born.

Transparent pricing

We believe in fair prices for highest value products that actually work. That’s about it.

  • We charge you only the bare minimum that can sustain our production costs and core operations, and it is our goal to keep decreasing the price, especially for our loyal customers for their repeat purchases.
  • We buy the highest quality ingredients possible.
  • No middlemen commissions. We sell straight to you.
  • We don’t charge a brand premium. Well, we also can’t, because we’re a startup. But even if we could, we wouldn’t.