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We’ve probably all heard of skin serums before, natural serums, moisturizing serums, anti-aging serums … there are thousands of them. However, the following question often arises:

What is a serum and how does it work?

A serum is a skin care product with a high content of active ingredients, which with its formulation enables their deep penetration into the skin.

Serums are usually water-based and have a lighter consistency than most face creams. They consist of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into the skin, where they act on specific skin problems with a target effect. With lighter consistency and deep penetration, they are much more effective for other skin problems than other products on the market.

How do I use a serum?

Before first use, check if you may be sensitive to the ingredients (patch test).
Apply it after a tonic or after the last cleansing product
Apply the serum on the palm and then gently transfer it to a dry and clean face and neck (when the skin is moist it is more susceptible to react to a product, as the existing water on the skin causes the product to penetrate faster).
Always apply a moisturizer over a dried serum (the cream is a protective barrier that prevents additional moisture loss).

How is Youthier different from other serums?

Nowadays, everything is geared towards mass consumption. Thousands of different serums, each performing just one function that suits most of the population. Customers looking for a quality serum are often forced to buy many products to satisfy all of the skin problems they are dealing with. In this way, they “successfully” empty their wallets, and at the same time potentially harm their face, applying many products with different concentrations without proper knowledge.

Youthier brings a revolutionary solution. An affordable serum that is formulated based on the requirements of each individual. Our natural and moisturizing serum is created with active cosmetic ingredients that are properly concentrated and work great with each other. All the relevant information we need to create our unique serum is obtained from a short online quiz, where we pay attention to skin type, age, environment and, ultimately, to the desires and goals concerning an individual’s skin. This allows us to create unique serum formulations every day that thousands of our unique users look forward to.

The beneficial effects of serums cannot be reproduced in any other cosmetic formulation, so it is definitely one of the key products that should be part of your skincare routine.

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