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You are unique

And your skin is too, so we want to create a unique serum for you

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Start by filling out a simple and fun questionnaire about yourself and your skin.


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Based on the calculated formula, we will prepare a face serum for you and your needs only!


Take care of your skin

Order your Youthier and enjoy the revolutionary experience of personalized cosmetics.

Meet Youthier, your personalized facial care serum. Each and every bottle designed just for you and your skin

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Serums are a necessity

Perfect for targeting skin concerns

Serums are light-weight skin care products that consist of smaller molecules which penetrate deep into the skin and deliver high concentrations of powerful active ingredients to specific skin concerns. This makes them a perfect treatment for targeting skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, redness etc. The beneficial effects of serum cannot be reproduced in any other cosmetic formulation.

Personalization is key

Made for you

Because your facial serum won’t be just one of the many waiting for you on the store shelf. Oh, no! It will be made just for you, taking into account your specific skin concerns and your lifestyle. Youthier will nourish your skin with ingredients it actually needs.

Carefully selected ingredients

Backed by science

Applying many basic serums with different concentrations, but without the proper knowledge could be damaging to your skin. Youthier takes the guesswork out of skin care. Properly concentrated active ingredients that work great with each other and will help your skin, all balanced out in your own unique formula.
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Be a part of something big

Join thousands of happy users

It’s all very simple! You answer a couple of questions and we create a facial serum that your skin needs and deserves.

Our team

Who is behind this wonder?

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An incredible team of wholehearted, hard working people. Don’t believe us? Check out Balthazar, we built him ourselves. It’s the first personalized cosmetics robot in the world.

In short, we’re a bunch of caring people, who believe each one’s uniqueness should be treated with uniqueness he or she was made for.


Paraben free

100% paraben free with certified active ingredients. Only the awesome stuff.

Bunny friendly

We never did and never will test our products on beings. Period.


Vegan products

Did we mention we love animals?

We stand behind our products

Unicorn club 100% money-back guarantee

We truly believe Youthier is all about unicorn power, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Get your personalized serum, use it, and if you’re not happy for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full friendly refund.

More than 10,000 happy customers

Thousands of different stories. All with the same ending – Happy!